Tri-Wing Encampment
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Encampment Honors


Flight Level (Students)

Alpha Flight- Encampment Honor Flight

Bravo Flight- Encampment Academic Champions

Charlie Flight- Encampment Drill Champions

Delta Flight- Encampment Inspection Champions


Charlie and Delta Flight (402)- Encampment Honor Squadron


Individual Awards (Students)

C/A1C Alexander Christo- Alpha Flight Most Improved Cadet

C/Amn Colin Templeton- Bravo Flight Most Improved Cadet

C/Amn William Tompkins- Charlie Flight Most Improved Cadet

C/A1C Zachary Klaus- Delta Flight Most Improved Cadet


C/TSgt Elizabeth Christie- Alpha Flight Honor Cadet

C/CMSgt Michael McLeod- Bravo Flight Honor Cadet

C/A1C Shayla Young- Charlie Flight Honor Cadet

C/MSgt Lucy Altweis- Delta Flight Honor Cadet


C/A1C Isabella Moran- Encampment Honor Cadet


Individual Awards (Cadre)

C/Maj Lars Trone- Most Outstanding Leadership Team

C/SMSgt Amiyah Moretz- Most Outstanding Leadership Team

C/SMSgt Andrew Miller- Outstanding Performance in Logistics

C/CMSgt Patrick Sparks- Col Mary S Feik Mentorship Award

C/Lt Col Moretz- Commandant of Cadets Leadership Award


Individual Awards (Senior Cadre)

2d Lt Colin Carhart- Outstanding Training Officer

2d Lt Venkat Pillarisetty- Outstanding Public Affairs Officer

Lt Col Uri Laie (Safety Officer)- Outstanding Safety Officer

1st Lt Lewis Klaus- Most Outstanding Leadership Team


CAP Achievement Awards

C/Capt Jordan Leng, Squadron Commander, 402nd

C/1st Lt Emily Sechler, Health Services OiC

C/CMSgt Samantha Sparks, Public Affairs OiC


CAP Commander's Commendation Awards

C/CMSgt Amelia Lutz, Logistics Officer OiC

C/2d Lt Grace Hersh, Delta Flight Commander.


Excellence Award Presented by Mid Atlantic Region Commander - Col Eugene Egry

C/2d Lt Grace Hersh


Excellence Award Presented by National Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Todd H. Parsons

Capt Carol Stoltz  

C/SMSgt Amiyah Moretz 

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