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Required Forms

Required Forms

Thank you for applying for encampment.  Application to encampment does not mean acceptance.  We will be publishing a list of accepted students on the Weekend of June 18th (after registration period ends).  Please do not send forms to us ahead of the acceptance period.

Final acceptance into encampment is conditional on receiving of all required forms (target 16 July 2022).  Some of these forms are required by the Civil Air Patrol and some are required by the State of Maryland for Summer Camps. Many forms require signatures so a populated form will be created for you to print in order to obtain signatures and send to us.

All forms should be emailed to  You may either print and scan the PDF version, take a picture of the signed document, or sign the forms electronically to send as a PDF back to us. Seniors are only required to submit CAPF31 (60-81), 160, 161, and DOD Form 1381

The hard copies of these forms need to be brought to encampment and turned in during in-processing.

Use the links below and complete the required forms

CAPF160 – Health History

CAPF161 – Emergency Contact

CAPF31 (CAPF 60-81) – APPLICATION FOR CAP ENCAMPMENT OR SPECIAL ACTIVITY (Signatures Required, Squadron Commander signature required)

DOD Form 1381 – Air Transportation Agreement *Note: Parent Signature Required for Minors

Copy of the cadet’s insurance card

Copy of the cadet’s Immunization record.

MedicationAdministrationAuthorizationForm-B (For Prescription or OTC Medication Users ONLY) –  TWE Medication Authorization Instructions

MedicationAdministrationAuthorizationFormAsthmaAction (required for For Asthmatics ONLY) –TWE Asthma Action Plan Instructions

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