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Photo Release Policy

Photo Release

As part of the Civil Air Patrol’s Tri-Wing Encampment (TWE), the staff takes photographs and videos of the cadets in action as they participate in classes, field trips, meals and other various activities throughout the training. These photographs and videos of the cadets, with or without their names captioned in, are for public release online (on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and the TWE Website) and print release through various CAP and news media publications (e.g., the TWE daily newsletter, the Volunteer magazine, local press publications).

The TWE Public Affairs staff focuses on providing a professional image of the encampment and all participants through photographs, captions, and articles. All photos and text are reviewed prior to posting online.

From previous encampments, we’ve learned that the most common reason for declining the photo release is not wanting to single out and draw attention to your cadet. Please be aware that declining the photo release will have the opposite effect. For example, they will not be able to appear in photos of the team they spend the week with, and will have to be asked to stay to the sides or back of some group activities in order to allow photos of other cadets to be taken and published. This is not a punishment and will in no way be treated as such. However, the vast majority of parents strongly desire to see group and individual photos from throughout the week posted online and we must be fair to those parents as well. While the staff will do everything possible to address this in a subtle manner, it will likely lead to questions from their teammates.

Another concern expressed related to the photo release is whether online photos of your cadet participating in this activity, or references to your cadet by name that could appear in search results, will harm future college or employment prospects. Participation in Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Program is almost always seen as a major positive factor in relation to these future activities. In fact, should your cadet remain active in the program, they may have the opportunity to apply for various scholarship opportunities.

If you have additional concerns, one of the TWE senior staff members would be happy to discuss the matter further. Please email with your concerns, preferred contact number, and the best time to reach you.

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