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Packing List



The following items are prohibited at Encampment. Any students found to be in possession of these items will have them confiscated.
● Alcohol
● Spray Deodorant
● Tobacco/vape products
● Drugs or weapons of any kind.
● Any kind of pornography or explicit content.
● All Electronic/Digital Devices


The following items are required of every student during the Encampment. All items should fit into a single bag/suitcase. A separate garment bag for Class B uniform is authorized.
❏ Current CAP membership card
❏ Adequate supply of prescribed medication (if applicable), properly labeled in original containers (over-the-counter medications and supplements must have a prescription) In a clear, plastic bag
❏ Maryland Medical Form for cadets bringing medication – MUST BE SIGNED BY PHYSICIAN
❏ Copy of complete CAPF 161

❏ Cold Weather Gear

❑ 1 ABU Fleece or Gore-Tex and liner with applicable nametape, CAP tape, and grade (Every attempt should be made to bring CAP approved cold weather gear, but it’s more important to have a weather appropriate cover that will fit over the ABU Blouse)
❑ 1 heavier coat or jacket that can fit over ABUs if the weather looks like it will be colder - optional
❑ 1 to 2 pairs of gloves or mittens - black, grey, or sage green preferred (other colors are acceptable, but every attempt should be made to conform to the defined colors)

❏ Airman Battle Uniform (ABUs) – Cadets will report in ABUs

❑ 1 ABU blouse, nametape, CAP tape, and wing patch sewn on
❑ 3 TAN crew-neck t-shirts
❑ 1 ABU pants
❑ 1 ABU belt
❑ 1 ABU cap
❑ 1 pair black boots
❑ 3 pairs of boot socks, BLACK. Wool socks recommended due to the cold.
❑ Long underwear/base-layers are authorized, but should not be visible under the ABU

❏ Class B (blues) Uniform (required for barracks inspections in January, to be worn later)

❑ 1 short-sleeve blue uniform shirt with 2 grade insignia (insignia may be switched from ABU to the blue uniform shirt, separate grade insignia is not necessary) 
❑ 1 nameplate, blue, three line
❑ 1 complete ribbon rack with ribbons applied in the correct order
❑ 1 pair blue uniform trousers or slacks. FEMALE CADETS MAY NOT WEAR SKIRTS, FOR THE SAKE OF UNIFORMITY.
❑ 1 blue belt with silver buckle and tip
❑ 1 undershirt, white, v-neck (crew neck is also acceptable, but not preferred)
❑ 1 blue flight cap with CAP enlisted device.
❑ 1 pair black low-quarter leather uniform shoes
❑ 1 pairs of black dress socks
❑ 1 set of shirt stays (also known as shirt garters) – Optional but highly recommended

❏ Physical Training Uniform (note: the flexibility of the PT uniform should not be taken as an opportunity to stretch the uniform requirements. Excessively revealing,  colorful, tight, short, etc. clothing is unacceptable and  prohibited.)

❑ 1 pair of sweatpants, black (may have some colored piping or brand symbols but should be predominantly black). A 2nd pair is highly recommended, but not required.
❑ 1-2 pairs of shorts, black (no short shorts, your shorts may have some colored piping or brand symbols but should be predominantly black)
❑ 3 pairs of athletic socks- white, grey, or black
❑ 1 pair of athletic/running shoes (must be able to wear socks)
❑ 2-3 tan shirts (reusing the ABU Tan shirt IS acceptable)
❑ 1 hooded sweatshirt (dark blue or black, minimal logos or CAP-related logos accepted)

❏ Other clothing and personal items

❑ 2 pairs of underwear
❑ 2 bras (females - any combination of bras/sports bras as needed)
❑ 1 shoeshine kit (black polish, brush, and shine cloth)
❑ Extra undergarments are authorized

❏ Bedding items

❑ OPTIONAL - 1 extra blanket for twin sized bed if desired (blankets will be provided and if an extra blanket is brought, it must be a solid color and put away when not being used)

❏ Bathing and hygiene items (bring a 3-day supply)

❑ 1 toothbrush with toothpaste
❑ 1 bottle of shampoo/conditioner
❑ 1 comb or brush (as needed)
❑ 1 deodorant/antiperspirant (REQUIRED; Must be a light fragrance or unscented)
❑ 1 pair of shower shoes, flip-flops or crocs (all rubber) for the shower

❑ 1 bar of soap in plastic container or bottle of body wash
❑ 1 bath towels
❑ 1 small face/hand towel
❑ 1 wash cloth or shower poof
❑ Males: personal shaving items (razors, cream)
❑ Females: gel/hairspray/hairnet/pins (whatever used to put your hair up daily)
❑ Females: feminine hygiene products (recommended even if you do not expect to need them that week)

❏ Miscellaneous items

❑ 1 small flashlight (red or white light)
❑ 2 to 3 heavy weight hangers
❑ 1 lip balm
❑ 1 poncho, either military or civilian style (olive green, clear, orange or camouflage) - need not be expensive 
❑ Writing Material (Small notebook, pens/pencil) – preferably ABU pocket size

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