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What is a Type B Encampment?

Type B Encampments

Encampments offer at least 42 contact hours and should be conducted over a 6  or 7 day period. These week-long programs are called Type A encampments.

Type B encampments may be conducted over multiple weekends within a 60-day period. Contact hours exclude sleep, meals, personal, and non-instructional times.

The ideal environment for encampment is an active-duty Air Force installation, followed by an Air Guard or Reserve installation, other military installation, college campus, or other suitable facility.

The Tri-Wing Winter Encampment 2023 will be of the Type B Format and will fulfill the conditions of 42 contact hours over the three weekends within a span of 60 days.

References: CAPP 60-70 Cadet Encampment Guide 

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